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Yasumasa Yonehara Solo Exhibition 〜iamgrowingoutmybangs〜 「THE COUNTERATTACK」at BASEMENT GINZA



The Editor / artist, Yasumasa Yonehara would have a solo exhibition calledTHE COUNTERATTACKat BASEMENT GINZA.  This would be a special occasion for him to show his latest art works.

【Yasumasa Yonehara Biography】
His works are influenced by the girls’ street culture in Tokyo and are usually depicted inthe form of media. He is also the agitator for the girls’u nderground culture after the 90s.He has sensed the Chinese influence early on, and he is actively trying to figure out howto keep the Japanese identity in his works. He currently has 2.35 million followers onWeibo.On June 2017 he held three art galleries bypresenting paintings with an iconic painting style called “I am growing out my bangs”,in which he paints with his bang.Now he is begining new project of collaborated fashion brand called “+DA.YO.NE.”

Instagram @yone69harajuku


Title : Yasumasa Yonehara Solo Exhibition 〜iamgrowingoutmybangs〜「THE COUNTERATTACK」

Venue : BASEMENT GINZA   4-3-5 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Date : 2019.12.13(Fri) ~ 2019.12.28(Sat) 11:00~20:00