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Art Exhibition based on Outdoor Festival Theme, “Festival View DEAL Exhibition,” taking place at Basement GINZA


An exhibition based on an outdoor festival theme titled “Festival View DEAL Exhibition” will take place at “Basement GINZA,” a unique space to promote culture.

DEAL, a free magazine with a backbone in counter-culture starting with outdoor festivals, is the host for this exhibition. Photographers who have captured memorable scenes at festivals, and also artists who have done live paintings are participating in this exhibition. With FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2018 in the horizon, this exhibition is sure to raise expecations and uplift feelings for festival fans everywhere. There will be an opening exhibition the day before the official opening day on July 13th with the participating artists, as well as a talk show event between the artists on July 16th. This is a fantastic opportunity to see Gravityfree at a talk show event, since it is rare to see this artist duo speaking in front of a live audience.




As the official photographer for popular festivals in Japan such as FUJI ROCK, Asagiri Jam, Rocking Japan, and Rising Sun, Uchu-Taishi☆Star is known for focusing on the audience in his photography. Believing in photography as a way to enhance daily life, he continues to travel around the world, photographing special scenes that can only be captured in the moment


A painting unit consisting of artists djow and 8g. Instead of creating individually, the two artists combine feelings that resonate with each other as an axis to produce one work that is called “Gravityfree.” Beginning their joint creative activities in Tokyo in 2001, they produce wall art through live paint shows in various scenes all around the world. They perform live paintings at popular festivals such as FUJI ROCK.

Daisuke Hayashi

Deeply affected by the music of Grateful Dead, 20 years have passed since Daisuke first began traveling to the United States. He has photographed various festivals and shows to capture the jam band scene. Traveling through mountain and sea, he aims to photograph outstanding moments within travel, music and nature.


【Exhibition Information】

Title: Festival View DEAL Exhibition (Uchu-Taishi☆Star, Daisuke Hayashi, Gravityfree)

Location: Basement GINZA( Ginza 4-3-5, Ploom Shop Ginza Store B1F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Dates: Saturday, July 14th, 2018 ~ Tuesday, July 24th, 2018, 11 AM ~ 8 PM

【Opening Reception】

Date: Friday, July 13th, 6 PM ~ 9 PM

【Talk Show Event】

Title: FUJI ROCK Concierge Off-site Version

Date: Monday (holiday) July 16th, 2018, 5 PM ~

Speakers: Uchu-Taishi☆Star, Gravityfree、Atsushi Hasebe (MC)、Takashi Kikuchi (DEAL/Festival Guy)

The Ginza version of the “FUJI ROCK Concierge” that takes place every night at FUJI ROCK near the tent-site entrance. Speakers will discuss the the charm of FUJI ROCK and outdoor festivals.