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London-based Street Artist A.CE’s Exhibition “DAY TRIP” takes place at WISH WELL Gallery



The explosively-popular London-based street artist A.CE’s second exhibition will take place at WISH LESS gallery. Known for his edgy graphics in the paste-up style, his large-scale collages are heavily influenced by Dadaist and 80s-style pop art, which have received wide recognition. His artwork was auctioned for high prices at an art auction in Paris this year, and he is now a household name alongside other big-name artists. He is a favorite among fashionistas who appreciate the elegance and graceful manner in which he creates his street art.

At this exhibition produced by WISH LESS gallery, the artwork is based on a vinyl record theme. With an intention to fuse music and art, A.CE included sound sources field-recorded on the streets of London on one side of a vinyl record, and on the other side, added his original paintings and prints to create a one-of-a-kind vinyl. As the title “Day Trip” suggests, the exhibition offers postcards with his artwork printed on it that would make a fantastic souvenir for traveling. And as a special project, A.CE has collaborated with silkscreen artist Suzuharu to produce customized T-shirts. Several events are expected to take place during the exhibition. A.CE’s limited edition art book It’s a Stick-Up (2013, UK), will also be available as a special edition in limited quantities. Both are hard-to-find items that usually cannot be found in Japan.



For the past 15 years, A.CE has received much recognition in the UK street art scene. Known for his catchy paste-up art influenced by Dadaist and classical pop art, it can be found in various locations within the streets of London. He emphasizes ambiguity, discord and humour that is reflected in popular culture and the absurdity of consumerism through nostalgic images that are blended and remixed. His work has been published in various well-known art books, and he has held many exhibitions in cities like London, Chicago, and New York. A.CE has collaborated with brands such as Stussy, The Big Issue, Reebok, and Ace Hotel, and the value of his artwork continues to increase. The prices of his auction pieces continue to break records.

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【Exhibition Details】

Title: A.CE Exhibition “Day Trip”

Dates: Saturday, July 14th, 2018 ~ Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

Thursdays/Fridays 4 PM ~ 9 PM, Saturdays/Sundays 12 PM ~ 7 PM (open til 6 PM on the final day)

Closed: Monday through Wednesday

Location: WISH LESS gallery(Tabata 5-12-10, Kita-ku, Tokyo)



Opening Reception: Saturday, July 14th, 6 PM ~ 8 PM

A.CE Custom Printed T-shirts: Saturday, July 21st, 2 PM ~