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Looking back at the “Iron Island Fes 2018” through QuickSnap


“Humming” Keeenue

The “Iron Island Fes 2018,” a festival celebrating music and art, took place on November 4th, 2018 at “Keihin Island, located in Tokyo’s Ota-ku and representing the forefront of manufacturing with its cluster of iron works. Many different genres of live performances took place and art was displayed at the heart of operating iron works.

The theme of Iron Island Fes is “factory x artist” and was held for the second time this year. With “BUCKLE KÔBÔ”, an artist-in-residency art factory created in Keihin Island in 2016 at the hub, guests could enjoy the festival in a circuit style around the island. Along with Suda Iron Works and BUCKLE KÔBÔ as regulars from last year’s festival, Sakai Stainless Second Factory and Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho have joined the festivities this year. Keihin Island completely transformed from a bland factory zone to an activity-filled day.

“one tea one line” SHUHALLY Souryou Matsumura

A tea ceremony by Souryou Matsumura (SHUHALLY) at a tea house created by artist Shuji Yamamoto makes a comeback this year. With a floral display by VISCUM FLOWER STUDIO, he led a tea ceremony on a huge steel plate within the Suda Iron Works.

“IRON CALLING” SIDE CORE (Nampei Araki, Yui Maki/NNNI) x KOM_I (Wednesday Campanella)

SIDE CORE(Nampei Araki, MakiYui/NNNI)and KOM-I (Wednesday Campanella) presented a sound installation at the Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho in Keihin Island. Both parties traveled to the Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho multiple times, recording daily factory sounds and processing sounds of metal, as well as reverberations of different metals, with Maki arranging the music and KOM-I adding vocals by “blowing” her voice in steel material. Viewers were able to freely roam the second floor of the Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho while enjoying the various sound systems located within the factory.

Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho 2nd floor

The artwork and live performances came together on BUCKLE STREET (the street located in front of BUCKLE KÔBÔ connecting “Intersection for Future Creation”), where trucks usually go to and fro on a daily basis.

“Untitled” ARIKA x BIEN


“2021” Akira Fujimoto x TENGAone (Established since last year’s Iron Island Fes)

The outdoor stage, created with trucks made to look like festival cars, was created by Shuji Yamamoto of the “Cabin Project” and special effects artist Taira Ichikawa of the “Iron Island Fes Paper Lantern System”. And on this stage, KAKATO (Tamaki Roy x Chinza DOPENESS) and HIPHOP Squadron B-BOYGER provided outstanding performances. On the stage’s scaffold were paper lanterns collected by crowdfunding.


We recently interviewed Taku Obata, who is MoMoBoyger of the HIPHOP Squadron B-BOYGER.


The Suda Iron Works was packed with people during the yahyel live performance that guests could barely fit inside.

Outside of BUCKLE KÔBÔ, 3 pieces of artwork by a unit “Namazu” (Yoshiki Omote, Shoma Fujimura, and Taichi Moriyama) were displayed.

“Power spinner” Namazu (Shoma Fujimura)


“Water God” Namazu (Yoshiki Omote, Shoma Fujimura, and Taichi Moriyama


“Tectonics_bottles 2016″ Namazu (Yoshiki Omote”

Despite the rain, guests thoroughly enjoyed the festival. Make sure to check BUCKLE KÔBÔ for updates on exhibition and event information.


Iron Island Fes 2018

Date: Sunday, November 4th, 2018 from 11 AM to 8 PM

Location: Ota-ku, Keihin Island’s 4 event spaces (Suda Iron Works / Sakai Stainless Second Factory / Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho / BUCKLE KÔBÔ etc.)

Suda Iron Works / BUCKLE KÔBÔ: 2-11-7 Keihin Island, Ota-ku, Tokyo


writer: Atelier506