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Looking back on ASG by ART PHOTO TOKYO through Quicksnap


Tokyo’s Shibuya has long been the birthplace of art culture, attaining its status over the years. To celebrate Shibuya’s historical culture and commemorate Yamaha Electone City Shibuya located in Sakuragaoka that will be torn down at the end of the year for renovation purposes, “ARIGATO SAKURAGAOKA produced by ART PHOTO TOKYO” took place between Friday, November 16th and Friday, December 2nd 2018.

While Tokyo is already vastly changing in preparation for the 2020 Olympics, Shibuya is at the forefront of all the change. After an over 40-year history looking out on Sakuragaoka, “Yamaha Electone City Shibuya” has come to a close.

This exhibition featured artworks by a variety of photographers focusing on pop culture, new art leaning towards the sciences and technology, music, architecture and design that represents Tokyo in the present state.

「Homology」by Akira Wakita


「Homology」by Akira Wakita

Works by Akira Wakita were displayed the parking structure next to the entrance.

「COUNTERATTACK OF LEGS FROM 2008」by Yasumasa Yonehara

“TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHER’S NIGHT,” a clubbing event that began in March 2011 by 8 music-loving photographers, also participated as a group exhibition. Yonehara Yasumasa, who is an advisor for Atelier506, also exhibited his works.

The inside of the building was used as is to showcase the history of Yamaha Electone City.

「whoiam/WHOYOUARE」by 217..NINA

A bar and DJ booth were installed on the rooftop area, allowing guests to enjoy the last of Yamaha Electone City while overlooking Shibuya.

「rode work ver. Tokyo」by EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD

EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD (SIDE CORE) exhibited a video installation of construction workers cruising around town on their skateboards, their final destination a nearby skatepark. SIDE CORE also participated at the Iron Island Fes with KOM-I (Wednesday Campanella) to produce a sound installation.


“Shibuya is the epicenter of Tokyo’s street culture with a rich history and remains such an important foundation for SIDE CORE’s artistic endeavors. With this in mind, exhibiting our works at this event to portray the importance of ‘seeing the artwork at this specific place in the moment’ was a crucial experience for us.” – SIDE CORE

「BLUE PRINT」by Makoto Tanijiri

Architect Makoto Tanijiri exhibited his work titled “BLUE PRINT.” Illustrator Yu Nagaba displayed a Yamaha Electone City Remix version of his 2017 installation “Study.”  Daisuke Motogi was in charge of the venue overlay for this event.

「Study」by Yu Nagaba


「TOKYO Billboard Jack Project」by Kensaku Kakimoto

Filmmaker and photographer Kensaku Kakimoto “jacked” an entire room in the building to display “TOKYO Billboard Jack,” where he purchased 4 billboards throughout the city, with Shibuya as the center between November 15th and December 14th, 2018. He photographed actor Yosuke Kubozuka for this project, exhibiting his work on the ceilings and walls.

Qusumura, a botanical shop based in Hiroshima, also displayed 20 kinds of plant installations.

Qusamura Tokyo

Guests could also enjoy colorful graffiti art in the hallways and stairs.

「0時ちょうど prod. Okadada」Kick a Show, Okadada

The main studio on the third floor had a bar where live & DJ performances, and also talk shows took place. Guests could lounge on the yogibos while watching various performances.

A one-time exhibition during the fall season, right before a new era begins in Japan. While one cannot help feeling melancholic as they experience the changes that sweep through Sakuragaoka, it is also difficult to hide feelings of expectation at what is to come next.


Dates:Friday, November 16th, 2018 – Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Business days:Thursday~ Sunday (closed Monday~Wednesday)

Business hours:12 PM~10 PM (May be extended to 12 AM for music events. Open until 8 PM on the last day)

Location:Yamaha Electone City Shibuya (8-27 Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


All of Sakuragaoka is under renovation, and many shops in the area have closed down for this reason (even the beloved standing bar “Fujiya” has closed). Sakuragaoka, once considered a Shutter Street has ASG posters all over.

Yamaha Electone City Entrance

writer: Atelier506