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Funny Dress-up Lab

Funny Dress-up Lab



Born 1978 in Chiba, JAPAN.

Funny Dress-up Lab is a collage artist only using by Mini 4WD Dress-Up Stickers.

He was fascinated by Mini 4WD Dress-Up Stickers which made it for Tamiya’s Mini 4WD toys to dress up itself.

Mass produced sticker has “distinctive shapes”,”vividly colored”, and “defective printed or shape”, all those reasons made him to use it for his art.

Deeply in his mind in his art.
Never change the original shape and ended up to use these massive of Mini 4WD Dress-Up Stickers in the world.


Solo Exhibitions
2017   “faceach (un) other”, Sanagi Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan
2016   “TOMASS”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2014   “menmenmenmen”, Gallery JIB, Tokyo, Japan
2013   “ROOOOOOOOts”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2013   “BONNOU”, Maruwakaya, Tokyo, Japan
2010   ”X12••”, METEOR, Tokyo, Japan
2009   ”Funny Dress-up Lab Exhibition”, Dish, Tokyo, Japan


Selected Group Exhibitions
2017   “MITR”, BRIDGE ART SPACE, Thailand
2016   “SHIBUYA Style vol.10”, SEIBU, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2016   “Kawa”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2015   “Shokunin-Kaihoku”, ISETAN, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2015   “Kendama Exhibition”, PINEBROOKLYN, Osaka, Japan
2015   “THE GIFTER order made gift Exhibition vol.1”, Elephant STUDIO, Tokyo, Japan
2011   “Art Fair KYOTO 2011”, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan